Lake Casitas

Lake Casitas
Ah the good life

Monday, August 2, 2010

Photography Experiment Day 1

Outside the patio gate. Love this ground cover. getting ready to serve the veggies.
Travis running out, such a good sport. smiles.
Partial kitchen view into hallway toward entryway.
Cheri, contemplating not being a good sport...LOL
My little golden Cheri
Our Apricot tree growing wild and free with some
bad hair day plants peeking out from behind.
I have no idea what this plant is called, but I love it.
So vibrant and adds so much color to the backyard.
Our dinner cooking on the barbie. Chicken kabobs.
Some Veggies frying up in the pan. Very colorful.
Again, with the lid and showing the pan. I like these pics.
Okay so these are the pics from day 1 of my photo experiment. I think I am going to like this. I got a late start today so I should have more pics tomorrow. It's tough to choose a favorite. I hope you will weigh in and tell me yours? I am stoked! This is a blast.

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  1. The Chicken Kabobs! They were soooo good!!