Lake Casitas

Lake Casitas
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Friday, August 27, 2010

Best and Worst

Well I think we skipped last weeks Best & Worst. Photography experiment got interupted by a writing spurt, but we are back on track as of today... so here goes. Best: C.j. is back from her trip. We sure missed her a lot. We had a great turn out at the Junkyard this week. Yay! Fun fun. Got some of my favorite Belgian sugar free chocolates delivered. Yummm. Finally fully switched from an old medication and now I am not so tired all the time. Yay. I am putting the finishing touches on my secret project. WoooHoooo! Lots of best this week. Worst: Sugar free chocolates were melted when they arrived, doesn't change the taste at all just the shape, the fridge put things back in order... sort of. lol The heat wave came back....sighs...was so enjoying the cooler weather. The appeals court got the stay back on to keep same-sex couples from marrying until it is back in court again. ARGHHH!!!! Our step-mom is smoking worse than ever and it makes me sad cause we already lost our pop to lung disease. heavy sighs... Funniest: The hot dog spraying juice all over my bosom at the junkyard when I bit into it. I don't know why this so often happens to me...sighs...but at least it makes for great entertainment. LOL What I learned: That the 6th season of the tv show (Numbers) was the final season. It was poignant and ended well, but we are sad cause it was a bomb show and we will miss it. That scratchers have far better odds than super lotto. That the concierge at assisted living communities is also responsible for monitoring life alert like devices on some of the residents.


  1. Okay I am finally doing this! Here is my best and worst

    Best: My sister got married on 8/13 to a good man that will love her and her son forever. I actually looked pretty good in the bridemaid's dress that was ORANGE and sage green.

    Worst: I finally had to euthanize my first horse. The poor thing had a twisted gut and the owners couldn't afford surgery, very sad.

    Funniest: Its funny to me but probably not to you but Dr. Cobb was lavaging a mare (flushing out her uterus) when Barbara came up and had just opened her mouth to tell Dr. Cobb something when the mare decided to express her bladder quite forcefully. LOL needless to say Barb was covered head to toe with horse urine and she had to wash her mouth out quite a few times.

    What I learned: My two year old nephew can out-walk me (he can't go faster but he can go a lot longer)

  2. Sad to hear about the horse Little girl. Two year olds have a lot of stamina that is for sure. Congrats on your sisters wedding. Can't wait to see the pics of you in that dress and the wedding party. Please send me some. Wow being covered in horse urine would totally suck, but it is sort of humorous if it's not you. euwwww. We sure do miss you lil girl. Hope you can visit soon.

  3. Best: Another week of construction went by at work without any big issues! CJ is back from her trip and started a new job that she seems to be happy about! our youngest got moved up from a ripper to a stocker.

    Worst: long hours at worh due to the consruction.

    funniest: The hot dog spraying juice all over Dani! I bet she didnt think a weenie would do that to her again:)

    What I learned: I am learning how to install windows and the process of doing stucco.