Lake Casitas

Lake Casitas
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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Something strange is afoot at the local Chevron

Chevron station at Cochran & Erringer
Simi Valley, Ca.

So I go to get gas the other day, and I am always paying cash these days because I had my debit card stolen earlier this year.  My tank is empty but I don't have enough to fill it just now (big surprise with the price of gas) and I give the attendant $26.00 this should give me roughly half a tank.  I go back to my car and commence to pump the gas...and it stops approx. 25 cents before my total.  I push the button to talk to the attendant because I know my tank was only about half full and there was no reason for the pump to stop 25cents before my total.  Not only that but this is the second time this has happened to me, so now I am angry.  The attendant is unsympathetic and says come get your change. Now I am really angry.. so I go in and I ask her what is wrong? This is the second time this has happened to me at this station and she says rather rudely.. I don't know we just had the pumps checked I can give you your change!  I say I don't want my change..I wanted that 25cents to go in my tank and there no reason it should not have! Can I talk to a manager? She says no one is there, and I uttered some cuss words because I don't like her attitude and she basically tells me to go fuck myself.  Anyway,  I go on my way to meet my wife and a friend for lunch.  I relay to her what happened and she said the same thing happened to her the other day when she tried to get gas there.  I said I think something is definitely fishy.  So I devised myself a plan and put it into action a couple days later.  I decided I would go to the other Chevron station in Simi Valley, and see if the same thing happened?  and guess what I put in $30.00 cash and the pump stopped right at $30.00 dollars.  this has been my experience every time I pay cash until recently at this one gas station.  So I went inside and inquired if the station was independently owned or was company owned? The girls inside told me that their station and the other one that I went to were company owned.  I told them what happened at the other station and they told me there is a manager that manages both stations that I could talk to but that she wasn't there that day.  I inquired about how the cash procedure works. They said you give us the money, we punch in the amount and then you pump the gas and it should stop at that amount.  So I said what if I gave you $30.00 but you punched in say $29.75. They said it would stop at $29.75 and you would have to come back in to get your change.  and I said and if I didn't come back in to get my guys would get to keep it? They said yes...and I said...I think perhaps the cashiers at the other station are trying to make some extra money or there is something wrong with the pumps.  They gave me the website and I went to it and emailed Chevron and told them of the problem.  I have not heard back.  I also called our local newspaper and queried if they might do an investigation and an article.  They said they might.  I haven't heard back from them either.  You might say it's only a few cents...why bother (that's what they're counting on), and indeed I think many will not bother and will just go about their merry way, but if the cashiers are doing this deliberately it amounts to theft and they should be fired.  The paper suggested I send some friends to get gas there and see if happens to them as well and then let them know.  I am considering doing just that.  I would love it if this did get an article in the paper because I think far too many shenanigans are going on these days and we really have to pay attention that we don't get ripped off!  Of course if the article happens or Chevron contacts me..I will update this post. Update: I have received no word either from the company or the newspaper, but the issue has been silently addressed and resolved. Imagine that! LOL

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Best & Worst

Best:  My daughter Amanda is coming tomorrow and we get to meet her boyfriend Jack.  WoooHooo I haven't seen her since last year and it was brief cause she is such a busy girl.  Today September 1, 2012 marks the last car payment for us. Yippppeeee Pegasus is officially PAID OFF!!!!  (Doing happy dance)  Joyce and I decided not to go to the doterra convention. Whew! what a relief.  We will save so much money even though we will have lost some.  Noelle and I and Joyce are very excited about the upcoming ghost tours we will be attending in Ventura. Maybe we will catch some EVP's and more orbs in our photos. If we do.. I will be sure to post them. 

Worst:  I had to uninstall my blurb book making software due to the newest updated version causing my computer to crash. Sighs... now I don't have access to update or change any of the books that I have done, but I cannot get another computer just yet.. so I have to do what I have to do. I absolutely cannot download any version of adobe for reading pdf's, Vista hates Adobe, and until I can get a new computer and operating system I will just have to deal.  #%^^%#@$%%#@# I fell the other day on my front porch no less and twisted my ankle bad. I screamed and cried like a little girl...sighs... at least it is healing quickly, I was afraid, but even though the bruise goes all the way around it is light. The swelling is annoying but it is slowly abating. Note to soy sauce while trying to get rid of swelling. UGH!  

Funniest:  Looking around to see if any of the neighbors saw me fall on the front porch. sighs...

What I learned: How to make a word a link in my articles. WoooooooooHooooooooooo Thank you Jennifer Sharp. You Rock!