Lake Casitas

Lake Casitas
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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The High Cost of Cherries...

About a month ago I was shopping at our neighborhood Costco and I was eyeing their wonderful cherries.  They are always plump, dark, sweet, and unlike other places that you buy them you don't have to throw a quarter of them away because they are bad. Yummm.  Anyway I was looking at the packages and minding my own business when a well dressed woman walked up to me and said are they good? Have you tasted them? I said they usually are...but I haven't tasted these in particular yet.... they are in closed packages I said wondering to myself how exactly I was supposed to be tasting them?  To my astonishment she said oh I just look for an open package and grab a few.  That's stealing I proclaimed loudly! Thanks for defining your character... I will remember your face and that you are a thief! She rolled her eyes and walked away.  Since she didn't take a cherry in front of me... I also walked away, and thought to myself how awful that people think they can just steal like that.  I wanted to ship her off to that country where they cut off your hand when you get caught stealing.  Anyway... moving on ... bigger fish to fry that day.  Fast forward to today... I was again shopping at Costco... it's been about a month.  Today I went looking for the Cherries and I wasn't disappointed.  They were in the walk-in refrigerated area, and they did look divine.  So as I am examining the packages and choosing the perfect one.. another well dressed woman of perhaps Filipino descent, not being racist... the first lady was white, walks up beside me and reaches into a slightly open package.. and plucks out a cherry and as she is putting it up to her mouth... I shriek....that's stealing!!!!!!  She turns to me and says... it was open... and I again shrieked... I don't care... it is still stealing!!!!! She then gave me a look of death and I kid you not... threw the cherry. (poor succulent cherry wasted :( ....) and stormed away.  I immediately went to find an employee and reported what had happened and gestured her way she was just across the isle now.  He said he would look into it and get someone to keep an eye out.  But I didn't stop there... I went to the front and got a manager and recounted the sorted encounter... and then exclaimed "fucking bitch... this is why the rest of us have to pay higher prices" The manger replied that is exactly right... as she was giggling under her breath.  She apologized to me... and I said it's not your fault ... but I just wanted you to know your inventory is disappearing and this isn't the first time I have encountered it personally. She thanked me and said they would definitely be looking into it.  Apparently, many people do not consider this stealing.  I read an article that says the average family of 4 will pay approx $440.00 a year extra for items they purchase due to pilfering.  The store has to make up for that loss somehow... so we foot that bill.  I don't know about the rest of you, but that simply isn't okay with me!  So now I am thinking about volunteering a few hours a day to guard the precious cherries for Costco... in hopes that they might pay me in product.  I would be happy to cause a huge scene and bitch-slap a few unsuspecting thieves. That just might make my day actually!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Best & Worst

Best:  Starting off the new year with one less car payment. WooooHooo 1 down 2 to go.  Added a new girl Tae to the L House.  Nice addition.  Another quiet but fun holiday season. Yay.  New Years Eve was a blast filled with drunken karaoke. OMG!!! Thank goodness there are no pics. LOL I have joined a new site that is broadening my horizons and I am looking forward to reading some great authors at Expats Poetry.  Had my womans homemade spicy bomb pasta for my birthday and for the new year. yummm. Got the renovations photo book done just in time for the holiday party for my wife's bosses. A fun collaborative effort, but wow was it down the to wire. All worth it though in the end ... they loved it. Major score.  Yay.  I have started learning about and selling doTERRA Essential Oils.  I cannot believe how well they work. It is refreshing to be able to use something that is all natural with no warning labels to enjoy physical wellness. Loving it.  Spoiler... I hope to put out my next book of poetry this year.. (Scarlett Saturated Gold) Probably not till late in the year, but this may indeed be the year. smiles. Have some fun get aways planned with our traveling buddies the Campos.  Happy Happy 2012 everyone.

Worst:  Losing Sweet Cindy in december.  She has moved on from the L House, but has a new life and a new home, and we wish her all the best.  Miss her a lot though.  This last week's unexpected heat wave, talk about summer in the dead of winter..WTF??? Filling out all those Albertson's $1,000 sweepstakes entries...omg they all have to be do I have writer's cramp. ouch. Time to get the (Deep Blue) oil out. Not much worst right now...yay

Funniest:  My son scaring the crap out of me when he came into the room and me screaming so loud I nearly broke his ear drums... lol

What I learned:  That essential oils applied to one's feet can get into your system and start to help relieve your symptoms within 30 seconds, that there are 100% essential oils you can mix just a few drops into tap water to create an anti-bacterial cleaning spray that will keep germs from growing on any surface you put it on for 7 days. Wow... see what I mean?

That's it for Best & Worst this week. I hope you will all comment with your very own Best & Worst. Thanks for reading.