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Lake Casitas
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Monday, March 5, 2012

Mystery Meat (soylent green)

About 8 months ago... (I don't buy ground sirloin that often), I noticed a difference in the taste of the ground sirloin in particular that I purchased from my grocers meat department.  It happened on more than one occasion, so feeling concerned... I asked the meat department manager one day when I was shopping.  She informed me that ground sirloin is nowadays purchased from other countries and shipped in. That it had been a recent change... and was probably the reason I noticed a taste difference.  She told me I could purchase a whole steak and have her grind it there for me and then it would be US ground sirloin.  She showed me the label where in very tiny print it says... product of , and I kid you not, US, Canada, Australia, New Zeland and Mexico. 

 I was completely shocked and horrified!!!!!  I had purchased and eaten meat from another country and was never told.  Regulations from other countries are not the same as in the U.S. !  Yes, technically it is on the label but so small that you would never see it unless it was pointed out to you.  So now I read the labels... and very often... they do say from other countries. I will not buy meat from other countries ever again.  Why in the heck would we ship meat in from so far away???? Well my guess is.. because in those other countries they don't have to abide by the regulations in regards to what they feed and what hormones and additives are used in the diets of the products they are selling.  So it's cheaper, and probably poisonous.  Let me tell you about the taste difference I experienced... the ground sirloin that I ate a couple of times..tasted like goo. Forgive me folks... I am not usually at a loss for It had a pasty bread like consistency (not usually associated with meat) unless it's meat loaf.  I just didn't like it. It was gross.  The scary thing is... had it not been a noticeable difference in the taste and consistency I might never have been the wiser.  This is alarming on so many levels.  Meat case labels never use to say things like made in other countries in small print, so it never occurred to me to look for that, and I am sure it doesn't occur to most people.  It's a new thing.. a sneaky, shady new thing.  Buyers beware.... your very own health is most definitely at stake.  In this day and age we are facing many unnatural products at our grocery stores.  Our fruits and vegetables that we have long been able to count on as being natural and healthy, can now be genetically altered and not labeled to inform us.  How is that even possible... if it isn't 100% natural, how can they not be required to tell us they have fucked with our food!!!!???? If you are interested in knowing what's going on in the food industry today... and you should is a link to an awesome documentary that will shock and enrage you, but hopefully make you more aware of how to make better choices about what you eat.   Thanks for listening. :)