Lake Casitas

Lake Casitas
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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Best and Worst

Wow, it's that time again... I almost forgot this Best: I am feeling better than yesterday. Yay. Got to have lunch with Renee today, so nice to see her. I have begun to work on a special project that I am very excited about. Reduced our spending this week, every penny counts. smiles. Had fun hanging at home with the Campos over the last weekend. Uneventful, but fun and relaxing watching blue collar comedy. I am writing some good poetry lately. Judge Walker denied the stay, and same sex couples will be able to begin marrying again. Lots of best this week. Worst: The shower still isn't fixed. sighs... soon I hope. Found out the back gate needs to be fixed. ARRRGH! Noelle is putting in longer hours due to the construction at work and I miss her. Funniest: Noelle's re-enactment of me banging my head on the shelf which had her in stitches on the floor....ouch!!!! That really hurt, but it was funny the way she depicted it. LOL Also my frustration level at its peak when the move tool in my frontier game wouldn't release the pig, and my exclamation "Drop the fucking Pig!!!! which nearly made Noelle fall out her chair laughing. sighs.... What I learned: I learned that Dee can be aggressive, who knew? That my previous employer was not just breaking fair housing laws, but labor laws as well. Not a big surprise really. That pumice really works and is quite handy. That there are tomatoes growing in our back yard, haven't been back there in a while. LOL That my baby can sew!


  1. It won't be as long and thoughtful as yours, probably...But I've been promising I am going to do this.

    Best: A great weekend getaway, Being able to express exactly how I feel, Hugs, Hearing the voice of those I love, Noelle going to the Dr (finally)

    Worst: Ugh...Please don't try to contact me again!!!!

    Funniest: The removal of really stretchy underwear on a hot hot day. LOL!!

    What I learned: Frustration and power tools do not mix... Walk away.
    I learned the real definition of an employee and an independent contractor (according to the law)
    Oooh, I also learned that my oldest son has earned driver's Ed class :)

  2. Wait...

    Funniest: Youthful love poesy. LOL!!! ;)

  3. Best: I just had the most fabulous vacation. My aunt and I drove to Florida stopping in Arizona, Texas, and New Orleans along the way. We did sightseeing tours and ghost tours in both New Orleans and St. Augustine. Saw a ghost in New Orleans on our way back home (well it appeared in a picture my aunt took). Ate at ACME Oyster House in New Orleans. I just can't put it all here...LOL

    Worst: Van Horn, Texas. We tried to camp but the mosquitoes were so horrible. I put on jeans, shoes and a long sleeve shirt. Jeans and shirt were covered in blood from killing mosquitoes. Got into the car to go eat but had to kill the mosquitoes that got in. My hat was used as a mosquito swatter. Couldn't cook, had to go to a truck stop and eat Subway (eww). I practically needed a blood transfusion because of those little fuckers. Then when we got in the tent we had to kill the ones that were in there. The morning wasn't any better.

    Funniest: My aunt said that I sounded like a beaver when I eat Cheez-its. I eat them vertical and crunch the top and it breaks in half then I crunch it down. Not sure if you're getting the visual but it was really funny. I had tears streaming down my face as I was driving....LOL

    What I learned: I learned that in some areas of New Orleans were under 15 feet of water for 5 weeks after Hurricane Katrina. St. Augustine is the oldest city in the nation. Chiggers are a type of tick but they don't burrow into your skin. Instead they leave their 'sucker' in your skin and then it gets really gross (I'll spare you the details) LOL. Robert Ripley (Ripley's Believe it or not!) was a hoarder. He had so much kewl stuff that they put it all into a museum. The St. Augustine museum is the original. Oh gosh there is just too much to put here so I'm gonna stop.