Lake Casitas

Lake Casitas
Ah the good life

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Best & Worst

Best:  Our trip is coming up. So excited. Going to try and go camping while it is still nice and cool, our favorite thing. :)  I love this time of year...I love the cold. Now we've had a little rain and it always leaves everything so clean and fresh. We will be painting soon the rest of our handmade dishes. I will definitely post pics. So excited to have our very own unique handmade set of plates. Getting to confront a selfish person in the parking lot about their inconsiderate parking.  I just don't get some people and it felt good to stand up and say something. Noelle and I have started playing pool again and are having great fun doing so. :) We are planning a trip to Tombstone. A little ghost hunting adventure with some good friends. That will be a lot of fun. I think 2013 is going to be a great year. 

Worst:  Have to do taxes soon. Not that much fun, but it will be nice once it's done. 

Funniest:  Taking a bite of my Quesadilla and the oil from the cheese squirting all over my freshly washed shirt. wasn't really very funny then...but it's sort of funny now. 

What I learned:  That car insurance companies use your credit report along with your driving history, age, marital status,and location in determining your rate.  I feel this is utter bullshit. Whether or not you pay your bills in a timely manner has nothing to do with how you drive..your driving record should be the biggest consideration when determining rates. Just another scam getting pulled on Americans. I  also learned that 47 states allow potential employers to do credit checks in deciding which prospective new employees to hire.  Now.. if you are applying to be handling someone's finances that seems reasonable to me, but I don't think a credit check should be included to get a job serving coffee at the local diner. There are a handful of states that dictate how credit reports can be used in the hiring process..California is one of those states. 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Best and Worst

Best:  The wonderful breakfast my wife cooked me today... Bacon, eggs, and the best potatoes ever.  The photo is of her plate but mine looked the same minus the sausage. 

Had a lazy day yesterday full of lots of my favorite ghosty stories and we ate our favorite pasta for dinner. Yummm. So good. 

We tried something new for the new year... Buffalo meat, and we love it.  So much healthier for you and what we are buying is organic. With all the crap being put into our food supply you can't be too careful these days.  So yay a change for the better in the new year.  Noelle brought me this very lovely and very foofy fun scarf. So sweet of her and I love it. So (ME)

I now have three quarters of the poetry for my next book of poetry. Getting closer. We have a couple of trips coming up that will give me lots of material for my writing I am sure.  I got a new computer for Christmas, so happy about that. We are going to be painting again soon (new plates) to add to our collection that Noelle is making for us.  I will post pics when we do.  Mostly I am just grateful.. grateful for all the gifts in my life. So happy. 

Worst:  Some Jerry Springer family shit! I guess there's some in every family.... that's all I'm saying about that. Taking down all the pretty decorations we put up this year. I haven't had to do that in a while and we still aren't done. lol. 

Funniest:  Our cats standing up on their hind legs like Meercats and growling like the dog when there was some sort of disturbance outside. I did not know they could make those sounds. LOL

What I learned:  That standing water in a cat bowl will accumulate salmonella so they not only need to be refilled but sanitized regularly.