Lake Casitas

Lake Casitas
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Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Welcome Note & the 1st Best & Worst

Welcome friends. Where to start...? I am new to this whole blogging thing, but it sure looks fun. Thank you for accompanying me on this journey. Something I plan to do weekly in my blog is called Best & Worst. I will post the best thing, and the worst thing, and the funniest thing, and the thing that I have learned for the week. This started as a family tradition at holiday dinners. We have carried it over to whenever our family gets the chance to sit down together at the same time to eat. (rare) LOL. I hope you will enjoy it and I encourage your participation. (smiles) So here goes... The Best thing that has happened to me this week is: I finally got my car washed. It's been over a year. LOL The Worst thing that has happened to me this week is: I was nearly broadsided by an elderly man intent on occupying my lane. Noelle says I should have let him hit me... it would have been his fault. Talk about getting one's blood pumping. sighs... The Funniest thing that has happened to me this week is: Taking the trash out in front of the house (with neighbors watching) attempting to do some last minute sorting of recycle-ables, pulling out a large wine bottle with a big maxi-pad stuck to the side of it. Talk about embarrasing...whew... and of course it wouldn't come off The Thing I have learned this week is: that only a certain percentage of people get freezer head when eating things that are too cold. LOL


  1. Hi Dani! This is a beautiful site! I want to hear more about Wolf Mountain Sanctuary! Where is it? How long were you there? It look magical!

    Purple flames are so you!

    Much love, Deb Fabos

  2. It was a day trip. It is located in Lucerne Valley. It was magical. Noelle loves wolves. I felt a connection with Istas, he was very special.

  3. Hey, where did my comment go? Haven't a clue.
    As promised :)

    Best: Balanced the Baez budget
    Worst: Kept to myself for too long
    Funniest: The guy in the white truck blowing me kisses on the highway. Ewe.
    Learned: Again... Gotta fact check my scheming children's information.

    (hugs) Dani

  4. Love it...smiles. Hugs to you too.

  5. Best: BBQ at our friend house on 4th of july! Great fun with great friens
    Worst: working six days in a row
    Funniest: Dant getting sprayed w/mustard
    Learned: That my wife writes great reviews!!