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Lake Casitas
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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Best and Worst

It's time for the weekly Best and Worst segment... Best: I took an online photography webinar this morning. Loved it. Lots of helpful tips. Our eldest son Jesse's pain seems to have subsided since having his kidney stones removed. Yay. Got to see my best friend for a bit this week. Yay, wish it could be more. Had a hilarious time playing Apples to Apples with our good friends Dee and Erika saturday night followed by a very yummy breakfast on Sunday morning. Got my eye brows waxed this a.m. and they look marvelous! winks. Lots of best this week. smiles. Worst: We had some light rain that ruined my yearly car wash... sighs. It's been very hot this week. Found out they are discontinuing my shade of hair color in favor of an un-natural looking replacement color. Euwww!!! Our internet connection is sketchy at best, and the modem is in danger of being dragged to the desert and having to interact with a sledge hammer! Repair is scheduled, so maybe the modem will just get replaced? What I learned: I learned the thirds rule of photography, and not to be afraid to get right in there to get the shot. smiles. That if you have a Hawaii drivers license you can get a third off your fancy hotel stays in Hawaii. That in the realm of special needs children the word average is not pc. That Sharky's has a club card that can get you free food after so many visits. That the size of your picture file determines how much you can manipulate it online. Learned a lot this week. smiles. Funniest: That my youngest son zoned in on and obsconded with my rainbow hat. I knew it was only a matter of time. LOL. Finally cut my vampire toenails. I was much too fascinated with the fact that they could be so long and with my fancy rainbow pedicure they looked almost like fingernails. LOL


  1. Best: I'm done with my projects for this summer semester and my last class is Thursday. I'm going on a cross-country road trip with my aunt to Florida to visit her son and grandkids. I'm doing my 3rd house/pet sitting gig.

    Worst: Well it's kinda bitter-sweat. Last October my best friend died and this past week was her birthday. I went over to her other friends house and we got completely hammered. We reminisced and cried a lot. Went to bed drunk and woke up drunk. Not altogether a bad thing but definitely an experience.

    Learned: The floor isn't always level. If the floor isn't level neither is the bed. It's not good to sleep with your feet above your head. According to my professor if a child is non-verbal they have no communication abilities whatsoever. Can't blink, cry, move, basically comatose. However non-vocal is that they don't use expressive words to communicate but rather cry, scream, point, engage in challenging behavior, etc. One of my classmates told the professor that she looked up the terms in the dictionary and they mean the same thing. The professor just laughed.

    Funniest: Are you ready? I mean really ready? Ok here you go....the Campo's, the Heart's and myself are the last ones at the Junkyard..I'm not exactly sure what the topic was but Dani says that her mom penetrated the female cat with the thermometer when she was in heat....I was absolutely horrified *****pause for visualization*****Dee says that someone she knows used the eraser tip of a pencil on her female cat****pause for visualization****I didn't even know what to say. So I sent a text to Stacy (vet tech and Bosom Buddies founder) to find out some more on this subject. Our texts went something like this:

    CJ to Stacy: Have you ever heard of penetrating a female cat with a thermometer or other smooth object when they're in heat.

    ***I read the first line of Stacy's response and couldn't finish I was laughing so hard***

    Stacy to CJ: That is an interesting pickup line CJ but I'm sorry, I already have a girlfriend. Although...please check out our website and I'm sure you'll find all sorts of heat seeking penetrating objects for pussies. and be kind~use lube.

    CJ to Stacy: Dani just told us that her mom ACTUALLY did this to her cat when she was growing up.

    Stacy to CJ: Yes its true but the best way to solve the problem is spay the cat. It solves many problems actually.

    ****When I read this last text Erika thought I said 'spank the cat' can only imagine the laughter****

    CJ to Stacy: Does spaying solve many problems or the thermometer.

    **again I couldn't read the text cause I was laughing so hard**

    Stacy to CJ: For the cat? Spaying does. For horny lesbos.....we're gonna need a bigger thermometer

    ROFLMFAO!!!!!!!!! I had tears streaming down my face. If you don't see the humor....I guess you had to be there.

  2. Best: Going to Erika and Dees Saturday for a BBQ and playing Apples to Apples! Breakfast with them on Sunday!

    Worst: I have to work six days this week.

    Learned: While playing Apples to Apples I learned that the word witty reminds some people of underwear and that shiny goes along with Cinco de mayo (This seems to be a Dee and Dani understanding)

    Funniest:Well the thermometer thing at the junk yard (see cjs post above) was on the top of the list! Playing apples to apples with Erika and Dee! Great times!