Lake Casitas

Lake Casitas
Ah the good life

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wedge Salad & Cindy Sighting

This is a rare occurance here at the L House...
A Cindy sighting...and she's cooking which is
an even rarer occurance...and she's dressed up
while cooking... well you get the picture. We were
all so excited. Miss Cindy can cook by the way...she
just doesn't do it that often. WooooHoooooo
Our fantastic wedge salads made the day. Some cucumber
salad accompanies here, just couldn't get enough salad. lol

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  1. We were all so happy to see Cindy.

    Best and Worst

    Best: Cheryl and myself, Dani and Noelle, and Cindy and Tami went to see RENT. We had a really great time. I've seen RENT twice on the big stage and now twice at the small theatre stage here in Simi. 'Mimi" did a great rail dance and a 'Maureen" showed her nice ass. That was hot.

    Deep fried Snickers and GIANT french toast down at the Junk Yard. YUMMY!!!!!!

    Worst: Sitting in my classroom at Open House waiting for parents and others to come and look at my room and talk with me about my program was all for nothing. No one showed up. Later when I was leaving I saw a note on the front door of my building that said the building was closed and the other teachers (that I share the building with) could be found in another room, oh and the door was locked. The evening wasn't a total bust because 3 of my Aide's came but we all entered the classroom from the side entrance so we didn't see the note on the main entrance.

    *Cheryl told me that she might quit the photography program because she is unhappy with it. Which means she would go home earlier than June. :(

    Funniest: Breaking the faucet in the kitchen. I didn't break it exactly but rather it broke while I was using it. The kitchen faucet had one of those nozzles with the hose so you can pull it out and rinse the sink or whatever. So I needed to clean something and I pulled the nozzle/hose out and it broke off in my hand and water began squirting everywhere, up on the ceiling, across the kitchen almost to the kitchen table 15 feet away before I could turn the water off. Dani was behind me, she screamed and ran into her room and told Noelle that 'CJ broke the sink'. So anyway Noelle spent the better portion of the next hour trying to fix the faucet to no avail. Both Noelle and Dani had been drinking but watching Dani stare at Noelle's ass and commenting while Noelle was under the sink was fuckin funny. Who knew that fixing a sink could be so much fun.

    What I learned: I can bake!!! I baked cookies for my peer tutors but my staff hijacked them. No greater compliment than that.

    Cheryl taught me the rule of thirds in photography. Look through your view finder and break the view into a 9 box grid and take the picture of your subject in one of the four corners. Using this technique is more pleasing to the eye than the subject being directly in the middle.

    *Dani told me that the photography school is going to work with Cheryl, so she will stay in the program. Meaning??? She's least till mid-June. :)