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Lake Casitas
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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Knights Of The South Bronx movie review

This was such a feel good movie from start to finish. Ted Danson is a standout as Richard Mason an elementary school teacher who returns to teaching after being fired from his corporate job when they discover he's a whistle blower. As he begins to connect with these inter city students by teaching them the game of Chess as well as mathematics he rediscovers his passion. Strong suppporting performances include Malcolm David Kelley who plays Jimmy a young boy struggling to avoid being forced into the local gang while his father is away in prison. Clifton Powell doesn't get much screen time but he makes the most of it as Jimmy's father Cokey, a hard knocks type offering his son some much needed advice and direction as well as love during a prison visit. The exchange was riveting. Keke Palmer delivers a believable rendition as Kenya a young girl trying to make it despite her mothers drug addiction and shattered home life. A delightful cherry on top is Antonio Ortiz who plays Dawson a kindergartner who follows his big sister to Mr. Mason's class and also learns to play chess and enters the competition, and wins. The best part comes at the end when you learn that this is based on a true story and most of the real kids earned scholarships from their winnings and got to go to college, and the program still exists today. Awesome! So on the Heart Chart... Knights Of The South Bronx gets five out of five hearts. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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