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Lake Casitas
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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Snow White and the Huntsman movie review

Firstly, I have to say that this movie is visually stunning. The cinematography is outstanding.  The parts are very well acted and the casting was superb.  All that said... I also have to say that I felt the characters were under developed.  Although I enjoyed the movie visually and it is always cool to have a female heroine, it did not capture my heart.  I know it is a fairy tale and there is not a whole lot of story-line to work with so I'll have to give it credit for being what it is.  Charlize Theron is exquisite as the evil sorcerer queen Ravenna, and Kristen Stewart as Snow White has the victim turned heroine thing down to a tee.  Her on-screen transformation from vulnerable innocence to determined courage is palpable.  She is always the unlikely heroine and that is why we love her.  I won't waste too much time going into the premise since most of us know the story of Snow White.  For those of you who don't... The evil queen must kill Snow White before she comes of age and steals the title of fairest of them all.  Unable to kill Snow White she instead gets her to eat a poisoned apple that will keep her in coma forever unless she is kissed on the lips by someone professing true love.  Enter Chris Hemsworth who plays the huntsman and Snow White's true love.  The movie is definitely worth seeing, just don't expect a lot of depth.  So on the Heart Chart Snow White and the Hunstman gets 
3 out of 5 hearts ♥♥♥

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