Lake Casitas

Lake Casitas
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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Best & Worst

It's been a while since I have done Best & Worst, and it is long overdue.  There has been a lot going on recently so here goes. :)

Best:  Went wine tasting with our good friend Joyce on Memorial Day.  We had a lovely picnic on the winery grounds and a very relaxing day.  Our C.j. sunshine just had a birthday BBQ here at the L House and it was a blast.  More drunk karaoke, (like there is ever enough of that) :).  One of our original L girls will be coming for a visit soon and it will be good to see her, more drunk  I wrote my first article for Expats Post a site I have joined recently and it was well received.  I am very excited and looking forward to writing more for this site.  I also just wrote a new poem after a little dry spell, and that's a good thing cause I really want to release my next book late this year, and time is running out. LOL  We have a rafting trip planned next year with some of our favorite girls. We are so looking forward to that.  A couple of weeks ago a bunch of us girls had dinner with a friend in Burbank and played some very fun bad-mitten.  Now that was a sight to see.  I have signed up to go to a conference in Utah for my Essential Oils.  I know I am going to learn a lot, and it will be a lot of fun.  I have never been to Utah.  I will pick up doing my movie reviews again, now that I know about blog tags. lol  I figured out what was making my cat hork, and I have fixed the situation. Yay.  She is such a sensitive girl.  Saving the BEST for last.... it has been rather cool so far this year, and anyone who knows me knows how happy that makes me.  I am so not a fan of the heat, and it can get pretty hot here during the summer and it is an uncomfortable heat.  The last few summers we have been so lucky. :)

Worst:  I have been having some nagging back pain, but I have to say the Deep Blue essential oil really helps.  I think I must be sleeping wrong or something..., the hangover from C.j.'s birthday BBQ...omg, my laminator took a crap and I have to get a new one..wait (not entirely sure that's a bad was 10 plus years old)..but I was in the middle of a project and now I have to wait for mail order because it is so so much cheaper than purchasing it at a retail outlet. sighs... :)  So my partially laminated sheet waits.... and waits... lol  

Funniest:  My wife not being able to sleep after C.j.'s birthday BBQ cause of all the jack & cokes I made her.... and the visual of her sitting up watching tv drinking jack straight from the bottle. lol

What I learned:  The definition of piquant.  Well I am not going to tell YOU, if you don't know you need to look it up too. LOL Then you will have something to put on your what you learned. LOL

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  1. Best: My girlfriend is coming for a visit in July. Not sure if I mentioned this in a previous post but I love having my own apartment within the L-House. School is out for the summer and I did not get laid off. Staying up till 2 am watching tv or reading. After g/f leaves I'm going to FL to spend time with family and go to all the theme parks in Orlando. I'm especially excited about going to Hogwarts at Universal Studios. My birthday BBQ was amazing. Great friends, great food. Thank you Noelle for being the Grill Master. Free birthday stuff from Golden Spoon and Red Box. Frozen yogurt and a movie. OH yeah and I won $13 from Supper Lotto and $2 from scratchers both gifts from my mom. I finished the BTSA program, I now have my clear credential.

    Worst: While my sister was driving my car someone who was driving under the influence and falling asleep hit her on the freeway then proceeded to drive away. My sister caught up with her and the woman pulled over. She admitted that her medication makes her sleepy. HELLO DUMBASS when the label says "may cause drowsiness" and you know you get drowsy DO NOT DRIVE! My sister was not injured but my car was :(. $1900 worth of damage. My TV is dying a slow death. There is something wrong with my left foot, it feels like there is a rock in the ball of it. Dr. took x-rays says nothing wrong with it, gave inserts (which aren't helping), foot still hurts.

    Funniest: Dani trying to sing karaoke while completely bombed. Listening to my brother and his friends relive their adventures in Las Vegas. What happens in Vegas ends up on facebook and youtube. Don't assume that it stays in Vegas anymore.

    What I learned: I've read more books since I got my Kindle in December than I did the past 2 years not counting text books. I've learned several new words though I can't recall them because they were in the context of the book I was reading. A woman I know to be very christian had read all three books of 50 Shades of Grey. I really like Mojitos but only if made by Dee.