Lake Casitas

Lake Casitas
Ah the good life

Monday, April 4, 2011

Best & Worst

Best: I am feeling tip top once again. Yay. Another camping trip is coming up, can't wait. Got some things cleaned up in the garage yesterday, and my sweet Cheri started building my gardening bench which I know will be adorable. Can't wait to paint it. smiles. Wrote a new love poem. Made my signature enchiladas for my friends. Great reviews. I sold another book and my first royalty check is on it's way. WooooHoooo! A good friend of ours Paula Hallowell is being featured in her first art show with some of her photography. Very exciting... I can say I knew her when. We are planning a garage sale to make some extra money and get rid of more crap...LOL Camping, camping, camping....can't wait to go camping.

Worst: Had a little asthma going on this last week. sighs... It makes me sad when I have to use an inhaler. Need new front tires on Giselle, another inconvenient expense. My sweet Cheri says it's my fault cause I don't listen to her and I go around the corners too fast. I told her Giselle needs to go around the corners fast, that's what she's meant to do. smiles. You don't buy a thoroughbred and not ride her! I found the perfect camera, but I need to raise the money now to buy it. :(

Funniest: Joyce's expression to the statement No Food at Eleven. Priceless. Just like Noelle's. Amazing how much they are alike when it comes to food. LOL LOL

What I learned: That DOD stands for Department of Defense. That C.j. has a mean pinch!


  1. Congrats on your sale Dani :)
    Let me guess... Casitas? Your favorite!