Lake Casitas

Lake Casitas
Ah the good life

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Best and Worst

Best: Our trip to Alcatraz island with our good friends Dee & Erika. We had a blast. It was a long drive, but so worth it. So much fun. Cross another thing off of our bucket list. smiles. Even saw some ghosties in the photos afterward. Wooohahaha. Having dinner with our son Joshua and his girlfriend Tiffani and learning about his plans for his future first hand. Very proud of him. Reading a new book Atheist Manifesto and finding some validation for many of my long held beliefs. Knowing that all but one of my sons are not sheep! Yay! Getting 4 blu-rays at Best Buy with my reward zone credits for only $6.00. You can't beat that with a stick! WoooHooo Worst: Making our deposit late at the bank and not having access to our funds for 4 days....ugh!!!! Really?....really?...I mean come on!!!!!! Funniest: Well it wasn't funny at the time, but falling flat on my face while entering the super market in front of all the little kids selling stuff for the YMCA. So embarrassing. sighs... That's leaving some bruises! What I learned: A slew of new vocabulary Just when I was feeling smart..? It's never too late to broaden your horizons. smiles.

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