Lake Casitas

Lake Casitas
Ah the good life

Monday, December 27, 2010

Holiday Potluck December 2010

Miss Tori caught by Noelle coming down the stairs...
Tori hates her picture taken...and Noelle always has
to catch her off
Miss Tori's response to Noelle's kodak moment. It doesn't get any clearer than this...ROFLMAO C.j. and Cheryl
Wine, snacks, and great conversation. All the
right components for a fun time.
The desert plate.... smiles.
I am not entirely sure why Noelle wanted pics
of our asses, but hey here they
Fun table settings
Tami & Cindy discussing the shot.
Miss Tori caught
Tori, Tami, & Cindy
The three Lasagnas
Tami & Cindy
Mincing the garlic
Layering the first Lasagna, a chicken, spinach,
cheese, and mushroom masterpiece. Yummm
Merrying the spinach, cheese, and mushrooms
Slicing up the kicked up chicken. Bamm!!!
Mushrooms sauteed.
Kicked up baked chicken fresh from the oven.
Getting the ingredients just like the
cooking shows do it. smiles. Too fun!
Getting together with the girls is always a good time. This year we decided to do a holiday potluck here at L House. An untraditional dish of Lasagna was our choice, well actually 3 Lasagnas. smiles. yummm. I have taken pictures of our preparations and some of our antics. LOL I hope you enjoy. smiles.

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