Lake Casitas

Lake Casitas
Ah the good life

Friday, December 10, 2010

Best and Worst

Best: Had a very fun L House potluck dinner for us girls. We laughed and drank and laughed and told stories and welcomed our newest member to the L House. smiles. Peace and tranqulity have returned to the castle, but also lots of fun and laughter. We are forging new friendships and working out life's little dramas all with humor and compassion. Life is good. Had lunch with our good friend Joyce at Sharkys. Really need to do that more often. Good conversation, good times. Worst: Woke up achey this morning. Not feeling my best and I need to be focused on some financial stuff today... sighs.. Haven't written anything in a while. Someone talking on a cell phone nearly ran into me the other night. When will people get a clue? Funniest: Miss Vikki getting her pants ripped off by Noelle after calling her out and saying she was all talk. LOL . Absolute hysterics. What I learned: That lower heat settings in the dryer prevent some fabrics from wrinkling.. sighs... I know it seems as though I should have already known that... but hey, thats what I learned. That my broccoli stuffed chicken thingys have way too much sodium in them.... scratch another food off the list...sighs...

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  1. Best: Game night at the L-House. Laughing till I cried and nearly losing my vodka. Per Tori, "This house is not right"!!!!!!

    Worst: The stress of 2 big projects and 2 IEP's. Staying up till 2am trying to get shit done. I'm taking a year off to recalibrate.

    Funniest: Tori getting her ass smacked by Noelle. Let me set the stage: Noelle tapped Tori on the ass. Tori said,"harder" then proceeded to bend over and hold onto the stool sticking her ass out like a playboy bunny. Noelle asked her "left or right". Tori replied "either". What happened next was fucking hysterical. Noelle whacked Tori so hard that she had a hand print on her ass and Noelle's hand stung. OMFG!!!!!

    What I learned: Don't tell Noelle "harder". Give yourself plenty of time to put together an IEP. None of this night before shit. Make sure you have EVERYTHING (towel especially) before you get in the shower.