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Lake Casitas
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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Harvest Potpourri Oranges

 I believe I learned to do this in grade school...'s something that has become a tradition for me during this time of the year.  You can make these for any holiday but if you start making them in October they will cover all of the holidays, so that is what I do now.  I give them to friends and neighbors in celebration of kindness.  Citrus oils are happy oils and who couldn't use a smile any time of the year?   I have decided to share my process here so you can share smiles all year long too.

Firstly, things you will need.

Oranges  (however many you want to make)
paper towels.
a long cylindrical piercing instrument pointy at the end  (hole starter)
Cloves     (best bought in bulk a container,  I recommend Smart and Final if you have one)
mesh net or lace of your choosing
ribbon      (whatever you fancy)

That's pretty much it!  Now you would think that this would be a no brainer, and it kind of is, but there are a few things you should pay attention to if you want your potpourri cloven fruit to last the season.
1- make sure that the oranges you purchase are not over ripe. (over ripe fruit will rot and ruin the fun)
Nobody wants rotten fruit!
2- Look for oranges with a thick skin (a thick cushion between the juice and the outer peel)
If the skin is too thin then the holes will leak too much, again.. rotten moldy fruit, BAD BAD EUWWW! (speaking from experience) 

We just want to achieve the wonderful fragrant mood lifting aroma, and this is how you do it!

 Note: for aesthetic reasons I choose the cloves
with the ball on the end attached. You can use
the ones missing the balls but they do not turn
out as pretty and they hurt more when you are 
pushing them in.  That said probably close to 
1/3 of your container will have missing balls. :(  
So it's up to you .

Get comfy! This is something you can do while you watch TV or listen to music.  It is a little time consuming but well worth the pay off  in the end.  In the photo below you see the hole starter piercing the orange.  It is important to lightly pierce. Do not get too excited and stick it all the way in! You want there to be an opening but not a big hole, that way, when you ease in the clove you will achieve a snug fit, which will keep the hole from leaking too much.

Small piercing ready for the insertion of the clove.
Push the clove in gently to avoid breaking off
the festive ball. 

Everyone likes a snug fit. :)

Getting the cloves in.

The finished orange ready for decoration.

Place cloven fruit in the center of your square cut
mesh or lace.  Square should be a little larger than
an old vinyl record album.

measure that your fruit is in the center by 
matching up the sides as you hold them at 
the top.

Gently gather lace or mesh 
and prepare to tie it up.

Cinch the ribbon in preparation 
for the bow.

Then make your bow and voila!!!!
Harvest Potpourri Orange.
Ready for gifting.

Some other variations. 


  1. Yay!! So cool to see the process and definitely a gift people should be getting ^_^ It smells soooo lovely!


  2. Thank you sweet TJ. They are so fun to make, and most people love them. I think my brother is the only one I know who just isn't fond of the aroma. :) Weird I know... lol I hope Halloweeny is still brightening each day?

  3. I've received one of these from Dani, and can personally attest to the fact that they smell DELICIOUS. It such an interesting scent, and makes any room instantly smell "home-y"

  4. Thank you so much Jen. I love home-y things. :)

  5. I can smell the cloven oranges from here, Dani, and they smell delightful! I need to make one.

  6. Thank you Janene. They do make you feel all fuzzy and warm..they kind of smell like the holidays to me. :) So appreciate you reading and commenting. :)

  7. Fantastic detail and the patience of Job. I salute you and bow accordingly.

  8. Thank you Danny. They are very fun to make and most people really enjoy them. So appreciate you stopping by. :)