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Lake Casitas
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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dani's private collection and a word about Crocs

Lately I have noticed that Crocs seem to have a bad rap when it comes to fashion.  Sighs... well you can say what you will about the fashion statement that these little gems make or don't make...but they have saved my feet big time and  I in them.  About 7 years ago I had foot surgery to have a bunion removed and I couldn't wear regular shoes for some time... I guess that's when I discovered Crocs.  With their roomy fit and light weight very supportive material I was in heaven.  My feet had never felt so good.  They are waterproof, washable, colorful... and anyone who knows me knows how important colorful is, and they grip.  Yay.  So today I did a photo shoot with my private collection of Crocs and I am going to share it with you. If you haven't taken a look at Crocs lately.. you might be surprised.  They are no longer just beach wear.  They have an entire line of Crocs dedicated to those that have to be on their feet all day, and they look pretty smart if you ask me, but you can judge for yourself.,default,pg.html
I am so excited about the new sexi sandal.. it is very gladiator looking. I can't wait to order it.

This is my signature collection..
the Crocs I wear everyday. 

 Anyone who loves Crocs knows you have to have 
Croc bling (Jibbitz)

Of course I had to have the purple heart bling. 

So now on to my work Crocs. 

I use to lease apartment homes for a living.  As you
might suspect that involves a crap load of walking
and you would be right.  These Crocs made the
walking part of my job bearable.  There are a 
whole line of Crocs for the medical field, and
the restaurant industry.  They are closed toed,
and slip resistant, and they look pretty snazzy, but 
they still have that signature Croc comfort built
right in.  

And last but not least... Wedding Crocs.
Yes you heard me right.. Wedding Crocs. smiles.

Underneath this dress... smiles I
was wearing wedding Crocs.

 and I danced and karaoke'd in perfect comfort.

So there you have Croc story. winks. I hope
if nothing else this makes you take a second look
at the incredibly durable and comfortable Croc.

Okay so I got the new sexi sandal and just had to
include pics here. WoooHooo.. I love them


  1. I saw Crocs had a heel type shoe, but when I looked it wasn't on their site. I like clogs, but don't like the crocs with the holes. Agree they're comfy. I had a pair (no holes) with fleece and they kept my feet warm all winter (PA).

  2. Noelle has two pair of those with the fleece lining and no holes. We wear the ones without holes when we are camping. They even have little all weather boots now. So cool. :) Thanks Elisa.. you rock!

  3. Dani,

    You are a crocaholic! I've got to say, those wedding Crocs are pretty cute!

  4. Thank you Janene.. you would not believe all the cool Crocs they have these days. ;)

  5. CROCS!!!!!!!!

    Yes, I do make fun of them a lot, but I think everyone is titled to wear whatever they want! I love that you boldly showed your collection know what the haters would say ;)

    I actually passed by a Croc store last year and saw a pair of calf boots that looked quite cute. I'm softening in my old age ;)

  6. Yay Jen. If you ever get a pair you must take pics and send them to me..because you know I would smile. Thanks for commenting I so appreciate you. :)

  7. Dani, my grand daughter would love your Croc collection. We can't get her to wear any other shoes : ). I've never worn them, but have heard that they are very comfortable. I would not be able to wear them to work, but could on the weekends, I'll have to check out the site.


  8. Yes.. definitely check out the site.. I think you will be surprised. :) Thanks for taking the time to comment. Hugs..