Lake Casitas

Lake Casitas
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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Best & Worst

Best:  Our C.j. sunshine has come back home to the L House.  We are so happy to have her.  My oil business is gaining some momentum and every new oil I try .. I love.  They really are the bomb. Noelle and I have started walking on the hamster wheel and we love it.  Walking is the best exercise.  Noelle and I have discovered gel nails. They are so cool and not damaging to your nail bed. It is really just a gel polish but it doesn't crack and lasts 3 to 4 weeks for us. Yay.  Noelle couldn't wear acrylics cause they would lift and come off of her in only a week. Now with gels our nails look good for a long time and it doesn't break the bank. :)  I found an artist (TJ Lubrano) who is going to do illustrations for me for a chapter of poems in my next poetry book. So excited that her drawings will help my work come to life.  We are seeing a good friend this weekend that we haven't seen in a while.... it will be very therapeutic. 

Worst:  We are having to do our first eviction here at the L House.  We have one girl who is really bringing down the mood and doesn't follow the rules.  Sad... but it is what it is.  So we move forward. It's all we can do.. and we know things will go back to normal once she is gone.  I have been having random breakouts over the last couple of months... and I have no idea what is causing them. sighs....  

Funniest:  Telling Victoria about the Butt Bomb remedy amidst ours and C.j.'s roaring laughter.   

What I learned:  That there is a mixture of Essential Oils  (Butt Bomb) that when placed in a capsule and inserted in one's behind can cure lung infections. Wow. Sounds pretty extreme to


  1. Best: Moving back to the L-House. Excited to have two rooms as soon as the second room is free. Getting a new staff member on Monday. Finding my blankets and my shoes. LOL Now if I could just find my pens.

    Worst: Too many of my staff are out sick and it's really affecting the program. A student is REALLY sick. My sister (for those who know her, enough said).

    Funniest: Reading Dani's text to my staff regarding exiting room mate. Butt bombs

    Learned: That with some creative arranging I fit most of my possessions from my apartment into my bedroom (the huge tv and desk didn't make it). Dani's oils cure almost everything and can be put into many orifices.

    1. Best: Getting closer to clearing my credential. Getting settled in my room. Clearing out some boxes though I don't have much room to unpack very much but I at least can get to the necessities now.

      Worst: One of my students passed away on Friday

      Funniest: My friend in class looks at me and says "I have to go home to poop". I give her a sideways look as if to say "TMI". She sees my look then says "not me, my new puppy in the kitchen" Both of us just busted up laughing, trying to keep it as quiet as possible because we were still in class. G-D I really needed that laugh.

      Learned: That sounds sound different to those who use hearing aides. While the hearing aides amplify sound they do not filter out background noise. Our teacher for this part of class is an audiologist who uses a cochlear implant and without it she is completely deaf. She says sometimes she will take off her implant so she doesn't have to listen to her children. LOL