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Lake Casitas
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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Best & Worst

Best:  Starting off the new year with one less car payment. WooooHooo 1 down 2 to go.  Added a new girl Tae to the L House.  Nice addition.  Another quiet but fun holiday season. Yay.  New Years Eve was a blast filled with drunken karaoke. OMG!!! Thank goodness there are no pics. LOL I have joined a new site that is broadening my horizons and I am looking forward to reading some great authors at Expats Poetry.  Had my womans homemade spicy bomb pasta for my birthday and for the new year. yummm. Got the renovations photo book done just in time for the holiday party for my wife's bosses. A fun collaborative effort, but wow was it down the to wire. All worth it though in the end ... they loved it. Major score.  Yay.  I have started learning about and selling doTERRA Essential Oils.  I cannot believe how well they work. It is refreshing to be able to use something that is all natural with no warning labels to enjoy physical wellness. Loving it.  Spoiler... I hope to put out my next book of poetry this year.. (Scarlett Saturated Gold) Probably not till late in the year, but this may indeed be the year. smiles. Have some fun get aways planned with our traveling buddies the Campos.  Happy Happy 2012 everyone.

Worst:  Losing Sweet Cindy in december.  She has moved on from the L House, but has a new life and a new home, and we wish her all the best.  Miss her a lot though.  This last week's unexpected heat wave, talk about summer in the dead of winter..WTF??? Filling out all those Albertson's $1,000 sweepstakes entries...omg they all have to be do I have writer's cramp. ouch. Time to get the (Deep Blue) oil out. Not much worst right now...yay

Funniest:  My son scaring the crap out of me when he came into the room and me screaming so loud I nearly broke his ear drums... lol

What I learned:  That essential oils applied to one's feet can get into your system and start to help relieve your symptoms within 30 seconds, that there are 100% essential oils you can mix just a few drops into tap water to create an anti-bacterial cleaning spray that will keep germs from growing on any surface you put it on for 7 days. Wow... see what I mean?

That's it for Best & Worst this week. I hope you will all comment with your very own Best & Worst. Thanks for reading.


  1. Best: Knowing I'll be able to keep my apartment. They did not raise my rent. I love reading on my new Kindle. I got an iced tea maker and have figured out a good recipe for sweet tea. Had a great time in Glamis. Went to Disneyland with some friends and I think we're going to get season passes in May when I'm done with my credential. One of my senior peer tutors is having a Winter Prom for my students.

    Worst: My VP not knowing how to do my job criticized it in my review. Alas it is a work in progress. Now I know what she is looking for and can fake it for next time. LOL

    Funniest: New Year's Eve at the L-House was a riot. The parent of one of my student's bought the class a soda maker. My students are enjoying it. One of my students was to help me pour the syrup into the bottle. I put the little syrup container in her hand and she immediately squeezed it so that the contents shot out of it like a fountain. She would not let go of it and several people ended up with diet root beer syrup on them including myself. We laughed so hard. I had tears streaming down my face.

    What I learned: I learned that 2 1/2 cups of sugar per 2 quarts of tea is WAY too much. I also learned that you can wash a plant, roots and all to get rid of bugs. That you're supposed to change the water of your bamboo plant not just keep it full. The people who wired my apartment did not hook up the phone line.

    1. It makes me so happy when you do these sunshine. :)

  2. Dani, I thought I would check you out as well. I am not Bluz's pr person--just a blogging pal. I hope you will come and play with us! We have a blast! Oh, and Cher (AskCherlock) is my cosmic sister. I'd like to know about L House.

  3. Hmmm. L House is our home that we have opened up to Lesbian renters. It has been a very positive experience. A lot of laughter, and fun and female bonding. We hand picked our first group and we had a wonderful year. 3 have left and 2 new girls have joined. We all do our own thing, but we hang together sometimes and play games, and karaoke, watch movies, cook, eat, play. I suppose I would liken it to a college sorority house, except we are all older and for the most part better behaved. lol. Happy to share. I am selective what I share on the blog for the girls and our privacy. I look forward to interacting with you and my new blogger friends. smiles.

  4. Dani, your home sounds like a wonderful place!!

    I read your comment on AskCherlock, and left a response for you to read. Raising children really is a crap shoot!

    I have a new post coming out tomorrow afternoon. Check it out!!

  5. sigh.. in my state, there is no such thing as winter...

  6. I am sorry Mimi I don't think I could live somewhere that did no have at least some cold. lol Thank you for taking the time to comment. It is much appreciated. :)