Lake Casitas

Lake Casitas
Ah the good life

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Best & Worst

Best:  Our wonderful anniversary campout with my sweet Cheri.  It was long overdue and the weather was nice.  A little warm one day but perfect the other days.  We celebrated 11 years together and got some great pics.  The weather as a whole has been cooling off and I love cooler weather. smiles.  We took a haunted bus tour in Ventura and got some fun ghosty pics.  Went to the RV show and saw the trailer that we want to upgrade to ; now to save for it.  One of my newest poems was very well received on a poetry site that I belong to.  We are really liking the new show (The X Factor).  Awesome.

Worst:  Our miss Cindy is leaving the L House.  She is buying a house and moving to Arizona.  We wish her well but will miss her so so much.  Asthma has been acting up a bit... sighs...  I don't like the things that are going on in America right now...banks running a fowl of the law and not being punished, creating a recession that has devastated the country and resulted in so many Americans losing their homes.  Corporations polluting and poisoning and spending lots of money to not be accountable for what can only be catergorized as legalized murder. Big pharmaceutical companies spending billions of dollars making medicines that cure some symptoms while causing others, instead of finding cures because there simply is no money it that!  Healthcare that is so expensive that only about half of America can afford it.  In my opinion it doesn't need to cost the kind of money that it does.  If every patient could pay the negotiated rates that the insurance companies pay, then many more of us could simply afford it on our own, but again...there's no money in that. 

Funniest:  Hands down our dog flinging himself off of the  little two seater bicycle car.  He hated it, and when Noelle was driving by me to go for a little round herself he saw me and flung himself, choke chain attached, flying through the air the opposite direction the bike thing was going, it all happened in slow motion.  Once I knew he was okay I/we laughed our asses off. LOL

What I learned:  That a rodents teeth can be clipped when they are too long and keeping the rodent from eating properly.  wow.  That there is a form of insomnia that results from the whistling that asthma can make.  It works something like this.... you start to nod off into sweet slumber only to be continually awakened by the whistling of your own breathing.... speaking from experience here folks...sighs... that there is a drug commonly used for erectile disfunction that when injested by females causes spntaneous abortion, very affordable in fact.


  1. Best: My employers have started somewhat of a wellness program at work whereby they are helping to fund chiropractic care given to us by their son. He actually comes to the office with a portable table to give those participating their adjustments. The employers are paying 50% of the fees.

    Worst: My people at work made me exercise my supervisory duties by making it necessary to enforce our cell phone policy. I hated being put in that position, but they couldn't resist the temptation to get their e-mails, answer texts and phone calls, and look up stuff on the internet during company time.

    Funniest: I don't have a funniest...or rather, I might get in trouble with my Honey if I state my funniest.

    What I learned: Macaroni Grill is yummy!

    Thanks for your news, Dani!

  2. Thank you Miss Dee for doing your best and worst. It means more than you can know. smiles. I want to know of course what you get in trouble for sharing. LOL LOL