Lake Casitas

Lake Casitas
Ah the good life

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Best & Worst

Best:  The pride bathroom turned out beautiful just as we imagined it would.  Found some new shirts that I love.. and then they went on clearance so I got them at a wonderful discount. Thank you Universe. smiles. I am gathering materials for my next photo book.  I am very excited about it.  Cindy's second foot surgery went well and she is hauling down the road to a full recovery. Yay!  Scored some fun patio furniture and a couch....FREE! It doesn't get any better than that.  Our vehicle registrations are finally coming down. WoooHooo!

Worst:  Although the pride bathroom turned out wonderful, we have sprung a leak that will require us to cut into the brand new fiberglass shower that we just installed. Holy Crap!!!!  A good friend is going through some really hard times right now. sighs...  There was a pretty bad leak at Noelle's job and she is very sore from all work on the bathroom and from helping her maintenance crew with the leak. Time for Advil the wonder drug.

Funniest:  Wrestling with Cindy in the car at Costco about whether or not I was leaving the car running with A/C for her.  Aggressive little girl took my keys out of the ignition. Laughed our butts off.

What I learned:  That you are supposed to wait behind the line when turning left at a green light! How lame is that? If there's no arrow and you wait behind the line you might never get to go???!!!! I will be doing a little re-routing now for turns with arrows.  That there is a cloth you can put around a pipe that you are sauldering with an open flame that protects the wall from catching fire. Whew!! Now that was a damn good idea someone came up with. I wonder how many fires broke out before someone came up with that one? lol

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