Lake Casitas

Lake Casitas
Ah the good life

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Painting our dreams.... 2

Let the painting begin!
First coat on the platter.
First coat on one of the salad plates.
A few moments of contemplation...
Coat 3 or 4 on the green salad plate
Brushes and sponges.
and the hearts go on.... and on.
Hearts and spatters
My green eyed beauty.
Ready to be fired. Yay.
Can't wait to have morning coffee out of these coffee cups.
Another great day of painting and fun.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Painting our dreams....

Creating the design...
and the perfect splatter. Yipppeeeee
Two hearts.... forever. smiles.
A very fun and colorful paint studio where you can
create your ceramic dreams. The first coat on the green plate. wooohoooo Our paint palette. smiles.
and the first coat goes on the purple plate...wooohoooo
This is my baby... getting ready to paint the most romantic and wonderful anniversary gift a girl could ever want for our 10th anniversary. smiles. I can't wait to see how they turn out. We go back tomorrow to complete the Anniversary set which will include in addition to the two dinner plates, a platter and two salad plates, and perhaps at some point a set of coffee cups. sighs... I am so in love still after 10 years. wow. I know I am truly lucky. winks.

Photography Experiment Day 13

My Scarlettdreams
Noelle calls this her hootchie pose. LOL

Monday, September 20, 2010

Best and Worst

Best: I have finished a special project I have been working on and it turned out perfectly. I am reading a pretty good book that is serving to enlighten me. It's called (Infidel). It's pretty intense. Some of our living arrangements are changing for the better. Had a fun BBQ for Erika's birthday over the weekend. Looking forward to winter, and holding out hope that our lack of a summer lasts. winks. Worst: Things have been tense on the homefront. We tried to help out some of our family and sadly it has turned ugly. Sometimes no matter how clear you make the boundaries people cannot see past their own selfish desires. Funniest: Doing the hand clapping thing for Erika. Everyone laughed so hard they were almost crying. LOL What I learned: That the Quran mandates that all unbelievers be converted to Islam or killed, and therefore all who practice this faith devoutly are a threat to a free society. That our friend Dunbar can dance. That many animals eat other animal feces in order to gain nutrients that they might otherwise not have access to....euwww. Disgusting.

Colen's Wedding... 9/19/2010

Lucrese & Colen
The Bride & Groom getting ready to mix their sand. The beautiful mother of the groom Judith (our stepmom). Lovely center pieces.
A pretty tree above that was dropping something on us.
Tiffani & (our son) Joshua. A cute couple.
The infamous taco makes an appearance. smiles.
A lovely table setting.
All in all it was a lovely time. The bride and groom seemed happy
and genuinely in love. They did a very fun choreographed bit for
their first dance together that had the crowd in stiches.

Erika's surprise Birthday BBQ

Mockful at the
The table is cleared for Skip Bo
Yummy Veggies from the grill. smiles.
Well we started a bit late, but a fun time was had by
all and here are the smiling faces to prove it.