Lake Casitas

Lake Casitas
Ah the good life

Friday, October 22, 2010

Best and Worst

Best: I have been inspired as of late and I am cooking up a storm and enjoying my kitchen once again. I am very much looking forward to tonights anniversary dinner with my Sweet Cheri. Can't wait. Bacon wrapped fillet, sauteed brussel sprouts, Bleu cheese, and a nice cabernet. woohooo! Noelle has made me the best spaghetti ever with a bold spicy sauce that's not for wussies. I love it, could eat it every meal for a week and then some. Yummmm. Enjoyed lunch with our stepmom this past weekend... always a treat. Having a blast with the Halloween festivities in Frontierville. Who would have thought a game could be so much fun. Lots of best these last few weeks. WoooHoooo Worst: It seems our family drama is over now, but I suspect the healing time will be lengthy, and some of the damage done may not be repairable. Funniest: Miss Vikki returning from the bank after having been caught in the freak hale storm. Her dramatization of said events had me in stitches. ROFLMAO The when Noelle came home I got to see the dramatization all over again and Noelle was in stitches too. LOL What I learned: That there are studies that indicate you can tell things about a person like: whether or not they will get cancer, or whether or not they are gifted, or musically inclined, simply by measuring the index finger and the ring finger and how those measurements corrolate to each other. Apparently, the length of said fingers is determined by the amounts of Testosterone and Progesterone the fetus receives in the womb. Most interesting.

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