Lake Casitas

Lake Casitas
Ah the good life

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A much needed getaway....

Another trip to Casitas, our favorite campground so far. Unfortunately this time we got caught in a rainstorm on this last minute outing. But our luck held out and the tent trailer weathered just fine. We had a great time and enjoyed some much needed relaxation and peace. The weather was nice, even the rain. The landscape beautiful and refreshed as were we. smiles. We have always loved our time here. Nature never lets you down. winks.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Best and Worst

Best: Our holiday potluck lasagna dinner with the L girls. Very low key and relaxing, no pressure or ugliness that the holidays sometimes bring. Yay! Sunday brunch after Christmas with our good friends Erika and Dee. Always a treat. smiles. Planned an overnight adventure with Dee and Erika that we are very much looking forward to...more on that later. It's almost 2011 and I know it's going to be a great year. Worst: Our TV broke on Christmas day, and we had to exchange it the day after Christmas and stand in line. Wow Who would have thought, but hey shit happens. Clean up after the holiday the fun part, but everyone pitched in so it wasn't that bad. Holier than thou people who use Facebook as a pulpit to spew their bullshit... sorry just had to get that off my Funniest: Sharing with Lianne at our holiday dinner all of our L House antics. What I learned: Margerine (formerly known as oleo) was an experiment gone wrong...and was an ugly shade of grey before they realized it's potential and added a bit of food color.

Holiday Potluck December 2010

Miss Tori caught by Noelle coming down the stairs...
Tori hates her picture taken...and Noelle always has
to catch her off
Miss Tori's response to Noelle's kodak moment. It doesn't get any clearer than this...ROFLMAO C.j. and Cheryl
Wine, snacks, and great conversation. All the
right components for a fun time.
The desert plate.... smiles.
I am not entirely sure why Noelle wanted pics
of our asses, but hey here they
Fun table settings
Tami & Cindy discussing the shot.
Miss Tori caught
Tori, Tami, & Cindy
The three Lasagnas
Tami & Cindy
Mincing the garlic
Layering the first Lasagna, a chicken, spinach,
cheese, and mushroom masterpiece. Yummm
Merrying the spinach, cheese, and mushrooms
Slicing up the kicked up chicken. Bamm!!!
Mushrooms sauteed.
Kicked up baked chicken fresh from the oven.
Getting the ingredients just like the
cooking shows do it. smiles. Too fun!
Getting together with the girls is always a good time. This year we decided to do a holiday potluck here at L House. An untraditional dish of Lasagna was our choice, well actually 3 Lasagnas. smiles. yummm. I have taken pictures of our preparations and some of our antics. LOL I hope you enjoy. smiles.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Best and Worst

Best: Had a very fun L House potluck dinner for us girls. We laughed and drank and laughed and told stories and welcomed our newest member to the L House. smiles. Peace and tranqulity have returned to the castle, but also lots of fun and laughter. We are forging new friendships and working out life's little dramas all with humor and compassion. Life is good. Had lunch with our good friend Joyce at Sharkys. Really need to do that more often. Good conversation, good times. Worst: Woke up achey this morning. Not feeling my best and I need to be focused on some financial stuff today... sighs.. Haven't written anything in a while. Someone talking on a cell phone nearly ran into me the other night. When will people get a clue? Funniest: Miss Vikki getting her pants ripped off by Noelle after calling her out and saying she was all talk. LOL . Absolute hysterics. What I learned: That lower heat settings in the dryer prevent some fabrics from wrinkling.. sighs... I know it seems as though I should have already known that... but hey, thats what I learned. That my broccoli stuffed chicken thingys have way too much sodium in them.... scratch another food off the list...sighs...